Stucco repair and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Customer Question #1

Do I have to remove all my old stucco to change the look of my house? Removal of old stucco is expensive and costly to dispose of. Stucco can be refinished with a re-coat, paint, or edited as we did here by adding cedar and stone to update the look of our clients home. This can save you money with one or more of these techniques.


Customer Question #2

Can i paint or refinish my kitchen Cabinets?  Absolutely in most cases we can help you paint or lacquer your old kitchen to give it a modern updated look.


Customer Question #3

What can I do on a smaller budget? Not every renovation needs to be a budget blowing second or third mortgage renovation. We specialize in helping home owners, realtors, and flippers keep their costs down. With an new floor, base boards, casings, a few wall repairs, a sprayed kitchen and a full paint. This home transformed in a huge way on a smaller budget.

Dying stucco after repair

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