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Fog coating is a process where specialty cements are mixed with iron oxide pigments and water to create watery cement slurry which is then sprayed over the surface of the existing stucco. This basically stucco without the sand, allowing for great bonding to stucco. Fog Coat is a cement-based finish that is designed to patch, refresh and re-color exterior stucco walls. Unlike other products, it does not contain sand and is completely safe to use on your stucco walls. Fog Coat is superior to paint when it comes to refreshing stucco because unlike paint, Fog Coat lets the stucco breathe. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about fog coating, recoating, or even painting. With over 10 years’ experience in fog coating we have the answers you’re looking for or we can guide you to the right place to get them.

Q. Why should I fog coat?

A. When a house has been faded by the sun after many years of UV rays, rain, hail, and other man made damages, the stucco will need maintenance. The first step is stucco repair, fix the damaged stucco, but not all color matches are exact so once cured, the stucco can be fog coated to renew the homes beauty. This product comes in the same colors as stucco does as it uses the same pigments or dyes.

Q. How is fog coat different than paint?

A. Fog coat is a stucco derivative and not a paint based product therefore it breaths as well as your stucco does. Fog Coat will weather and much like stucco does allowing you to have the same natural look as your stucco over the years.
Fog coat is best for color correction, hiding stucco repairs, and rejuvenating home back to their original state.