About Us

Just a little about how we work, and what we do

At Stucco Solutions Calgary we understand painting is one of the most tedious jobs a person can do. Everyone seems to want their house painted but don’t enjoy painting. Over the years we have served the Calgary and surrounding area with our services in stucco repair and now offer our services to paint your stucco as well. We not only paint stucco but siding, trims, fences. There is no project to big from warehouses, and your small garden shed project is also important to us. No longer is there a need to hire a stucco repair person and a painter we can be your one stop shop.

We will not show up with a roller, and a rickety old ladder, our trained professionals are well equipped to work in a safe environment for you and us. Don't worry about a deposit or progress payment; our customers don't pay a dime till the job is complete. We can even help you pick out colors for your home with our wide variety of swatches.

What we recomend

When changing the color of your home we recommend painting your stucco, siding, cedar. Paint gives you a true even color across your exterior surface and looks good for years to come. When painting the exterior of your home we recommend a thorough cleaning of the surface to prepare the stucco, siding etc. to be painted, and on some homes a little extra help is needed with an especially cleaner. Once the surface is prepared we mask areas that are not to be painted and apply two coats of paint to the surface with a back roll in-between. This helps to insure a good bond between the surface and the newly applied paint.

We have many high quality products to offer from 100% acrylics, solid stains, all the way up to electrometric paint. These products all vary in price and will be discussed with you when you contact us for your free estimate! We have many swatches to choose from and can even help you choose colors to best suit your home and neighborhood.