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Just a little about stucco repair

Recoating your stucco is the ultimate solution to recoloring you house. Recoating is reapplying another layer of colored stucco over the surface of your home to change the color and give an extra layer of protection. We can also update your stucco texture when recoating your home. This is especially good for that old rock stucco bringing your old 1960's stucco to today's standards and looks!

Stucco is a very durable and beautiful finish. Unfortunately just like all other materials including wood, vinyl siding or even steel it needs maintenance. Drive into a new neighbourhood and look at that beautiful house or business, your stucco can look like that again with fog coating. Tired of the old color or maybe its out-dated and you want to sell your property fog coating, painting, and recoating can add curb appeal and value to your investment.

Recoating painted stucco is a very different process.

Painted stucco is more work. We have a method of recoating painted stucco that helps save money and time.We first chip the wall about every 3 or four inches. The chips provide a rough surface and open pores for the cement bonding agent to bond to.The cement bonding agent I learned this from an old plasterer. The walls I have seen on old buildings that were recoated like this were easily scraped off. It was better than doing nothing.Using acrylic additives without chipping will work, but is likely to fail. Bonding mortar to a thin film of paint is like having a thin film of faith.Paint on bonding agents can fail, too, over time. The walls we did 20 years ago or so are all peeling off. We have also peeled off stucco that was done like this.The method we use of chipping, grinding and bonding works real well, and I trust it to last as long as the wall behind it does. This is the use of two good methods that just aren't quite good enough on their own.